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Why investors turn to Managing Agents


A property is not just bricks and mortar – it is a living organism that needs to be maintained and taken care of. Holton says a property manager ensures that the property is well maintained at all times, which prevents…

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Top 11 Tips for 1st time Buyers


Buying your first home is exciting, but there are a few things you should know. 1. Do your homework before you start house hunting Scheepers says to feel free to ask the owner and the estate agent about the property…

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Loss in Company – Sue Chinn


It is with great sadness in our heart that we bid farewell to our colleague & friend, Sue Chinn. Sue, you will forever remain in our hearts. Rest in Peace special lady, we will miss you dearly.  

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Can you buy property without credit history?

Credit card

With interest rates expected to start increasing later this year, the ideal situation is for consumers to live as debt-free as possible. This means no credit cards, vehicle finance or any other type of debt for any reason. “Prudent use…

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