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Why investors turn to Managing Agents


A property is not just bricks and mortar – it is a living organism that needs to be maintained and taken care of.

Holton says a property manager ensures that the property is well maintained at all times, which prevents any deterioration that can negatively affect the property’s value.

Whether big or small, empty or occupied, Grant Holton, a founding director and CEO of HQM Properties, says home maintenance and management is something that homeowners serious about seeing their property’s value increase can’t take lightly.

“Particularly in the high-end market, the trend of hiring a professional property manager to proactively manage one’s property is growing from strength to strength,” says Holton.

Here are four practical reasons why property managers are fast becoming indispensable:

1. It frees up valuable time

Your trained property manager will handle the daily management of your tenants and property, meaning you can see to more important matters.

2. Maintenance

It ensures that the property is well maintained at all times. This prevents any deterioration that can negatively affect the property’s value.

3. Administration

All administration to do with council and regular bills are professionally managed.

4. Peace of mind

It provides the homeowner with a sense of security as there are always eyes and ears on the property. A professional management company is able to react to any burglary, burst geyser, leaking roofs, green pools or any other unexpected event.

“A recent example relating to the last point concerns a homeowner who lived abroad a few months of the year. Upon return to his home after two months of travelling, he found it completely stripped of all personal items, down to the copper pipes and light fittings,” says Holton.

“There was no one on call for the alarm and no one had a spare key to check on the alarm activation. This cost them every single item of value in their home and reduced their home’s value with as much as a third.”

He says homeowners ultimately want to know that they are in safe hands.

“After all, a property is a considerable investment, and hopefully a long-term asset. If you have any uncertainty about the state of your home or how you should take care of your property in the current property climate, your best bet is to involve the expertise of a property manager,” says Holton.